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The Basic Model fan is designed for all-angle usage, it may be mounted in any position with air flow in one direction only - the fan may be specified for operation in "exhaust" or "supply" direction. These fans are shipped completely assembled, tested, and ready for installating. Check for transit damage immediately upon receipt and file a claim with the delivering carrier if damage is found. Also check for propellor alignment and free rotation. Make that equipment is adequately protected during on-site storage prior to installation.


  1. When mounted to a wall or other opening, the net inside dimension of the opening should be 1" more than fan blade size (see Dimension and Approval Drawings).

  2. SAFETY - Prior to start up, check installation for compliance with existing safety standards. Make sure that guards and/or other devices are in place as required to avoid accidental contact with rotating parts or hazards to personnel or critical equipment in the event of accidental rupture of the propeller.

  3. START UP - Before initial operation check:

    1. Free rotation and alignment of propeller.

    2. Circuit phase and voltage against motor nameplate and connection diagrams.

  4. START UP - At start up, check:

    1. Rotation ans air flow direction immediately upon start up for 3 phase motors only. If operating in the wrong direction, interchange any 2 leads.

    2. Vibration - if excessive, stop fan immediately and take corrective action.

  5. Fans must be operated within catalog performance data.


  1. CLEANING AND ADJUSTMENT - Provide for routine inspection of equipment. Clean off airborne materials that accumulate on the propeller and can cause vibration and/or reduce service life. Rust or corrosion on the propellor or fan structure should be cleaned throughly and protective finishes restored. On Belt Drive Units check belts for wear and tighten if required. When tightening belts use an ampere meter and be sure not to exceed motor plate rating.


    1. Sleeve Bearings - (have oil holes) for normal service, re-oil with a good grade SAE 20 machine oil every 6 months.

    2. Sleeve Bearings - (no oil holes) are factory lubricated fo the life of the motor.

    3. Ball Bearings - (No Grease fittings) Permanently sealed replace bearings, or clean and pack with proper grease every 5 years.

    4. Ball Bearings - (Grease fittings) Check for motor Manufacture suggested lubrication schedule.

  3. NOTE - All motor work should be carried out by qualified persons using proper tools/equipment.


    1. Repair of propeller assemblies in the field is not recommended. INDIVIDUAL BLADES CANNOT BE REPLACED UNLESS THEY ARE TRACED AND BALANCED PRIOR TO START UP. Do not operate equipment with damaged or unbalanced propellers. Return defective or damaged equipment to the factory for repair or replacement.

    2. Electric motors are repaied or replaced only through repair stations authorized by the Motor Manufacturer. Contact the factory for the repair station nearest to you. DO NOT RETURN MOTORS TO THE FACTORY.


Longley Electric Co. Ltd. guarantees its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of receipt by the original purchaser. During this period we will repair or exchange, at our option, any defective unit which is returned freight prepaid to your supplier or the factory. This warranty does not cover any consequential damages; labour or transportation costs incured in the removal and reinstallation at the user's premises.

This warranty is void in the case of alterations, accident, abuse or operation not in accordance with its function.

This warranty as stated herin is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and there shall be no liability for any consequential, special or contingent damages or expenses arising directly or indirectly from the breach of any warranty or from the use of the goods or equipment covered hereby.